Jeep Run – Saturday May 30th

Hello fellow jeep fans.  We will be doing a Jeep run on Saturday May 30th to Stockholm Wisconsin.  Planning on eating at the Pickle Barrel.  This will be an on road event so don’t be shy if you own a vehicle that has not been built up.  We may take a detour or two to some scenic spots along the way. Ever been to Alma Lookout or Nelson Cheese?  A stop there may be in order.  Please bring your little family walky talkies as we all use channel 2.  These are not cb’s but the little ones you buy for camping.  Motorola, Cobra, Midland are all brands that can be picked up at Feel Farm, Target, etc. It is not mandatory you have one but is nice to listen in to the leader and end person.  You can also request a pull over if needed.  We will be meeting at Chrysler Winona at 11:00 am for a brief safety meeting and then depart.  If you have any Questions you can email Brad at


Edit —

A couple of questions came up that I should address.

Can we bring pets to the events?  Yes you can!!  We encourage the whole family to participate in the events.  Please make sure that pets keep you under control at all times.

Can we bring friends that don’t drive a Jeep to ride in our vehicle?  Yes you can.  Please bring enough Keenix when they realize they should have bought a JEEP!

Can we suggest places or times to go for our events?  Again the answer is yes.

We just had a member inform us that a new trail may be opening up in Houston county.  This is exciting news!  We are working with the DNR to have a cleanup trail ride.  This is a foot in the door for a new cooperative venture.  Stay tuned.  See you all Saturday.