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2015 Jeep Renegade Configurator Goes Live

“Jeep has launched the online build-your-own tool for its important new subcompact crossover, the 2015 Jeep Renegade. With plenty of colors, trim levels, and options to play with, the Renegade configurator can easily take up your afternoon.”

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This link takes you right to the Jeep website to start building your own Renegade!


2015 Jeep Renegade

The all new Jeep Renegade is just around the corner.  Current estimates put the Renegade on showroom floors starting as early as March!
Ø  2015 Jeep® Renegade: Sturdy and reliable, Toronto Star, Jan. 23
o   The new 2015 Jeep® Renegade aims to bring the Jeep brand’s off-road reputation to a new segment, at a new price point, the Toronto Star said. The Renegade has off-road capability equivalent to other Jeep products, but it also had to provide on-road comfort, easy handling, good fuel consumption and all the amenities urban customers expect, the Star said. The on-road side of the equation is covered with independent strut suspension at both ends to soak up the big bumps and provide rapid-fire response, the article said. Similar-sized, -priced and -specced vehicles don’t have the off-road cred: All of those would kill to have the image that Renegade gains from its Jeep heritage, the Star said.
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