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Jeep Ride Today!

Jeep ride is still on for today! Rain, shine, or snow! We are leaving from Chrysler Winona at 10am. Hope to see you all there! Remember to be added to our email list to stay up to date on all of our events.

16th Legendary Civilian Jeepers Food Ride

“Join the Legendary Civilian Jeepers for the 16th LCJ Food Ride befitting Rotary Lights, La Crosse to help the hungry during the holidays. You’ll be helping local food pantries who are a part of the Rotary Lights efforts.

This event is limited to the first 50 Jeeps, but please don’t sign up until you are sure you know you can come! Each Jeep will need to sign up separately but it is quick and easy. Thanks for helping us make this event enjoyable for everyone! Click the Sign Up button above or visit “

2017 Fall Rides! Mark your Calendar!

Hello Jeep Club!
We have three rides coming up through October (one each month). Our latest email went out on Sunday with dates, times, and details.
The next ride will be on Friday, August 25th. We will meet at Chrysler Winona at 5:30pm.
If you are not on our email list and would like to join please send us an email at and use the subject “Please add me to your email list”

Mopar Modified Jeep® Vehicles Showcased at Frankfurt International Motor Show

The Mopar brand revealed a trio of Jeep® branded show vehicles modified with a selection of parts and accessories at the 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show (IAA). The Jeep® Cherokee KrawLer, Jeep® Wrangler Rubicon Sunriser and Jeep® Renegade Trailhawk demonstrate how Mopar can help personalize the customer journey for owners around the globe.

Jeep® and Ultimate Off-Road Capability. Renegade Edition

Jeep® and Ultimate Off-Road Capability. From Renegade to Wrangler, every Jeep® vehicle offers a Trail Rated® model. So, what does it mean to be Trail Rated? And, why is the badge a medal of off-road honor?

What does “Trail Rated” Mean? It means a Jeep® vehicle offers ultimate off-road capability. A Trail Rated designation is the Jeep® brand’s stamp of off-road approval. The badge is earned when the vehicle completes a series of five grueling tests designed to objectively measure off-road capability on the world’s most demanding terrain. For Renegade, the Trailhawk® model successfully completed each test to become a Trail Rated vehicle.

The five Trail Rated test categories include:

1. Traction: The grip that the tires have to keep the vehicle moving to help maintain forward motion in terrain with limited traction (e.g., snow, sand, mud). Renegade Trailhawk achieves maximum traction through:
• Standard Jeep® Active Drive Low with a 20:1 crawl ratio
• 17-inch all-terrain tires
• Selec-Terrain® System with exclusive ROCK mode

2. Water-Fording: The ability to cross a specific depth of water at a specific speed without damaging the vehicle.
• Renegade Trailhawk provides 19 inches of water-fording capability at 5 mph
• Features that contribute to its water-fording capability include self-sealing pierced stud application, double-sealed joints, water-tight spray sealant in undercarriage areas and the use of vinyl plastisol sealing material
• The air intake system is designed to prevent water ingestion during fording

3. Maneuverability: Gauged by the ease with which the vehicle can navigate tight and difficult off-road trails. Renegade Trailhawk is equipped with features that help it get through almost anything:
• Hill Descent Control helps drivers maintain a safe, controlled speed when descending a hill during low-speed off-road driving
• The “small-wide 4×4” architecture and 35.3-ft turning diameter help Renegade navigate narrow off-road trails and terrain
• Electric Power Steering improves handling by decreasing steering effort at low speeds

4. Articulation: The ability of the axle and suspension to move up and down, helping the wheel(s) to maintain contact with the ground on uneven surfaces (thus providing optimal traction).
• Renegade Trailhawk offers 8.1 inches of maximum wheel articulation to help keep the tires firmly planted on the ground

5. Ground Clearance: Measures the vehicle’s ability to drive over obstacles without damaging the undercarriage. Renegade Trailhawk models offer Trail Rated ground clearance with a combination of raised ride height and dramatic approach, departure and breakover angles:
• Increased ride height of 0.8 inches for a total ground clearance of 8.7 inches
• Unique fascia providing 30.5° approach, 25.7° breakover and 34.4° departure angles with integrated red tow hooks (two front, one rear)
• Skid plates help protect the underbody when it comes in contact with the terrain

Trail Rated Capability and Everyday Driving
Even though Trail Rated vehicles are designed with off-road trails in mind, Trail Rated attributes extend benefits to everyday driving, as well. Some examples of Trail Rated benefits in everyday driving include:
• Driving through deep, unexpected standing water
• Driving in extreme weather (snow, rain, sleet, etc.)
• Negotiating steep parking ramps or tight parking lots
• Driving on poorly maintained dirt roads
• Pulling a boat on a trailer out of water
• Pulling the competition out of a ditch

In short, Trail Rated capability means that where the road ends, Renegade Trailhawk can keep going.

For more information on what it takes to earn the coveted honors, visit and select Trail Rated under the Capability heading