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All-4-Fun Registration is now open

Hello Everyone,
On-Line Registration for the 53rd Annual All-4-Fun Event Powered by Bestop is now open!!! On-Line Registration for the 2019 All-4-Fun event will open at 12:00 am on Tuesday, January 1, 2019. The 2019 All-4-Fun event will be held at the Buena Vista Rodeo Grounds in Buena Vista, CO July 27th through August 3rd, 2019.
Every year a few us go out to enjoy this event. Contact Brad with any questions.
Message from the Event Chairman below.
For the 2019 event we will be capping vehicle registration at 400 vehicles. In 2018 registration SOLD OUT in less then 7 days so if you are planning on attending the 2019 All-4-Fun event you will need to register right away. The cost to register for the 2019 All-4-Fun event is $425 and includes 5 days of trips, 5 meals, FREE beverages, tickets to multiple raffles, entertainment, camping and all of the fun you can handle! The link to register for the 2019 All-4-Fun event will be posted on the following page at 12:00 am on January 1st,
You can also go to this page to find more info about the 2019 All-4-Fun event. You should also LIKE and follow the All-4-Fun Facebook Page for up to date information about the 2019 All-4-Fun event. We hope that you will join us in Buena Vista, CO this summer! Please let me know if you have any questions.
Cory Moul
53rd Annual All-4-Fun Chairman and Promotions Co-Chairman

Tomorrow is the Goodview Lighted Parade!

Hello all fellow Jeepers.

Tomorrow , Saturday December 8th is the Goodview lighted parade.  We will be dressing the Jeeps at Sugarloaf Ford inside where it is warm.  The decorating will be from 3:30 to 4:30. Hot chocolate and treats will be furnished. Bring something to share if you wish.   Then we will then proceed to the Goodview line up area. Parade starts at 5pm.  Mrs. Santa will be collecting donations for the food shelf along the route.   After the parade all of us are invited to the Goodview School for a little bite to eat.  Now  it’s back to Sugarloaf so we can remove the lights where it is warm. Please RSVP so I can let Goodview know how many to plan for.   Thank You and Hope to see you there.        Brad

Goodview lighted parade – 2018

Looked out and saw a few flakes of snow. Thought I better get out our December event sent out. The Winona Area Jeep Friends are planning to participate in the Goodview lighted parade this year. It will be Saturday December 8th from 5 to 6 pm in Goodview. We are meeting at Sugar Loaf Ford around 3:30 pm so we can decorate our jeeps with as many LED lights as your Jeep can hold. Bring everything you need to decorate your Jeep. The shop area will be open and warm. There will be hot chocolate and treats. Bring a treat to pass if you wish. Returning to Sugarloaf after the parade to de-decorate were it is warm and dry. Bring the whole family and enjoy the night. Also, please bring a donation for the 10 days of Giving. Mrs. Santa Clause will be collecting bags along the parade route. It would be nice to see a record number of Jeeps show up. Let the community know we support them.


Remember to have your email address added to our email list to get the most up to date information.

Jeep Night at Lakeview Drive Inn

Hello all JEEPERS!
Wednesday June 21st is scheduled for Jeep Night at the Lakeview Drive Inn. Plans are to arrive at 5pm and stay as late as you want. Bring whatever kind of jeep you have. Clean it all up or leave it as a Jeep should look. ( LOL )
Hope to see you there. Brad

Black River Falls Update

Hello All,
We are getting ready to do a ride on Sunday, August 28th. The group will be leaving promptly at 11am from Chrysler Winona. The trip to BRF is approx 1 hour. We will meet up again at Culvers Restaurant in BRF. There will time for people to grab a quick bite to eat before we get on the trails.
Please bring a FRS type radio if you have it. The trails are state forest trails and some trails we may encounter ATV traffic. There will be some mud with bypasses. Gravel and sand on others. In out trails with some loops. The usual safety rules apply. No drugs or alcohol. This a family event. Also tow straps must have loop ends, no steel hooks. Deer flies are very abundant. Bring bug spray. Above all come enjoy the scenery. We will NOT leave anyone behind on the trails. If you should break down we will get you out. Anticipated trail time is about 3- 4 hours.

August Ride!

Hello Fellow Jeepers!

Just a note to put Sunday August 28th on your calendar. We are planning a ride to Black River Falls to do the state forest trails. More information will be sent as a few details are worked out.


First Spring Jeep Ride!

On Sunday April 24th we will be doing our first spring trail ride. The ride will begin at 11:30 in the north lot of Chrysler Winona. The group will do some Minimum Maintenance Roads on our way to Rushford.  Lunch will be at the Creamery Restaurant .  We will see how Sundays work out as some people said that may be a better day.  If you have the little walkie talkies we will be on Channel 2 with code #2   Come and Enjoy.                     Brad


Fall Jeep Ride

Hello Jeepers,

Well our first fall ride together is about to happen.  We are looking at Saturday September 26th at 11:00 am.   Leaving Chrysler Winona we will go up Hwy 61 to a minimum maint road if it is open at to the top of the hill..  Across the ridge and then down to Minnieska where we will be dining at the Eagle View restaurant.  A few of us will take the trail ahead of time to ensure it is safe to travel.  If you don’t want to take the trail you are welcome to join us at Eagle View at 1:00 pm.  Any question you may have please ask.

Thanks Brad

Jeep Run – Saturday May 30th

Hello fellow jeep fans.  We will be doing a Jeep run on Saturday May 30th to Stockholm Wisconsin.  Planning on eating at the Pickle Barrel.  This will be an on road event so don’t be shy if you own a vehicle that has not been built up.  We may take a detour or two to some scenic spots along the way. Ever been to Alma Lookout or Nelson Cheese?  A stop there may be in order.  Please bring your little family walky talkies as we all use channel 2.  These are not cb’s but the little ones you buy for camping.  Motorola, Cobra, Midland are all brands that can be picked up at Feel Farm, Target, etc. It is not mandatory you have one but is nice to listen in to the leader and end person.  You can also request a pull over if needed.  We will be meeting at Chrysler Winona at 11:00 am for a brief safety meeting and then depart.  If you have any Questions you can email Brad at


Edit —

A couple of questions came up that I should address.

Can we bring pets to the events?  Yes you can!!  We encourage the whole family to participate in the events.  Please make sure that pets keep you under control at all times.

Can we bring friends that don’t drive a Jeep to ride in our vehicle?  Yes you can.  Please bring enough Keenix when they realize they should have bought a JEEP!

Can we suggest places or times to go for our events?  Again the answer is yes.

We just had a member inform us that a new trail may be opening up in Houston county.  This is exciting news!  We are working with the DNR to have a cleanup trail ride.  This is a foot in the door for a new cooperative venture.  Stay tuned.  See you all Saturday.